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Monday, 14 February 2011

robot, new cubes for a new section, Incendies***, Abel**half, Black Swan**half

A Japanese robot that Swannjiejie has assembled, now figure out how to program the robot.

New cubes from aluminum skins prepared by Maria from Austria.
Maria is a member of the honorable pre-production team.
(The Barbie doll is for scale only)
Incendies ***
Réalisé par : Denis Villeneuve
Avec : Maxim Gaudette, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Rémy Girard, Lubna Azabal,...
Film : Canada, drame, 2009,

Story line is very clear and classic w "chapters" explaining each characters situation, it makes the intricate plot very clear. I think Canadian audiences tends to like this type of construction. Details v gd. But i would have liked to see more after the revelation of the brother+father figure. If we had seen a little more on this character, the film would have gone at least one rank higher. Right now, its a very smart puzzle solving mystery film with realism, it has all the potential to be something lots more - since they already did all the ground work why not take it one step further?


Mexican American film on a strange boy who after an accident decided to take over the role of the father in the family. There are very funny details in the film, showing humans are too human. The ending is somewhat strange, Abel stripped of his fantasy of being father is once again in the hospital and his mom gives him a lollipop which he enjoys v much - hes once again himself, a little boy.

Black Swann **half

This is a movie for Nathalie Portman - the Audrey Hepburn like innocent purity princess type of girl who has to become sultry, sexy, passionate and dark! Not only in a ballet but in her everyday life of dancing (otherwise, she couldnt play the dark figures). Its glossy eye candy for all. The theme reminds me of a European movie entitled Esther Kahn. Esther Kahn wants to be a great comedian, but until she has really lived through suffering she could not possibly play the great roles with convincing feelings.
Portman has been trained as a ballet dancer - but here, she is good but not much more than that. The acting is gd, but not much more than that. Somehow its a bit rigid. And Vincent Cassels who is so good as a sexy male in a lot of movies, in this one, he also is only a cardboard figure of a sort. It must be the script; its basically straight forward and nothing much else. Winona Ryder looks very interesting as ex-ballerina. Smoky eyes, shes yummy too. Then there are these self masturbation scenes, lesbian scenes, seduction scenes... all heated up and sauteed here and there, but not so delicious after all.

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