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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Another Year ***

Another Year***

What is endearing is the story, how ordinary people do ordinary things. Problems we encounter, pretty girls growing old and trying to find a companion - and sure footed folks enter in old age with comforting gardens and good home cooking. Its about life, fine details of character portrayals. Though the pretty girl Mary is a little quickly sketched, afterall she has worked 20 years in an office, how could she behave like a floosy 20 yr old gal? And if her friend coworker is so balanced and fine, wouldnt we see a better Mary already? A little caracatural and too quick. The engineer man is endearing but the young girlfriend of son of engineer is not so endearing. However, what we see is what we get, there are many layers of unsaid - social usage of language - sends you little chills - Mary's friend is not so forgiving afterall, Mary is only tolerated when we see that she is clearly in need of more than social chit chat friend ship. But, that is life. The lesson1 is this: dont hang around other peoples family too much, because its their family. Lesson no2, when you are old and fat, drunk, a little lame, dont try to kiss a girl who clearly doesnt have the same feelings for you! Lesson no3: dont buy a car from a man with gold tooth caps! Lesson no4: most important lesson of all, doesnt matter how pretty you are, once you are older than young and cute, you better have something more than your looks. No one will be very kind to you forever. (same w the old fat drunk lame man, he had been good looking but hes now like this.) Rainy day movie set in working class London full of struggles from bottom up. I like the scenarios though, and the garden outside of a fine kitchen. You could imagine lots of peoples homes are like this, unpretentious, warm and endearing refuge at the end of a hard days work.

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