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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


SOUND OF NOISE [2010/Suède-France/1h42/VO ST BIL] **half

Interesting movie with neurotic details. Scenario is very clean. It is not at all a serious story to be taken at first degree. A lof the musical experiments on sick people, on concert goers, drummers who breaks drums, hates Haydn, rather conservative overall presentations, sweating artists, with musicians looking like terrorists, exaggeration; music making using sounds from shredding swiss bills during a bank hold up executed by musicians! All unlikely combinations and situations; music making is lively, free and gd animation on unconventional scores altogether the film has a strangely esthetic control, a rigourous quality. But still, we are a little baffled by all this "happenings" - surely there is a heavy political agenda behind for people who know the context. Interesting.

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