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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pina Bausch Documentary ***

saw Pina Bausch documentary *** today, its how she works a piece w people whos never danced before and made it into a performance, v v nice moving.

We see how the adolescent dancers changes from one wk to the next, what dancing involves; dances of expression (unlike HipHop)says one of the guys. And the internal work of each of the dancers, they must project from their own personalities, their emotions, their experiences of love, sadness, hate. A lot of the dancers have never experienced passionate love before so the tutors and themselves make use of other love experiences, such as parental love, brotherly sisterly love.

The adolescents changes into diff dresses for practice, they put on a dress somewhat nice for them from vintage bags (red blue white strip bags) of clothing - like those fouille fouille piles, suddenly i see how we could try on dresses jsut like that! Then for the real performance they had seamstress to make the exact dress for the dancers. A lot of dresses had to be taken in because all the bodies are so different.

Very rich film. Makes me want to join such a dancing adventure.

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