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Saturday, 19 February 2011

sex friend **

"sex friend" starring Natali Portman ** a Valentine special

It is a seemingly entertainment comedy type of movie but as the film goes along, it turns out to have some little threads of reality.
I also find the way people speak in the movie is uncommon to my ears - I think if real people really talk like this, then its truly a new generation for me.
People talk about sex in a very matter of fact, open way, no more demure girls, just action and more action. But the underlying theme is still romance and true love, true engagement.
Natali Portman went from the Jean Reno assassin side kick role when she was 13 to today about to become a mother. We see her actually grow up on screen.
She was in many nudity roles, stripper scenes, but all played with a princess like quality, never cheap and vulgar. In this movie, she does look a little tired.

However, she is still very yummy and watchable and moves the scenes along - not really important whether its convincing or not - people just like to watch her!

The serious part of the movie or maybe the part i like is the true love in the end. The tall, handsome, loyal with a heart of gold guy gets the super intelligent with a fear of sentiment gal finally gets together beyond the sex into a real flowering of emotional maturity. They live happily ever after working out details such as "I like to pee w the door open all the time, ok?" etc.

In watching this, I must thank movies, because I get to see some poeple acting out their daily lives - maybe untrue but plausible scenes. Then I think, why cant real life be so clean and tidy and one whiff, everything is well again? Life could be so light and lively, why make it heavy for yourself?

Its how you deal with what comes to you thats important.

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