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Friday, 11 February 2011

Official Blogger for North Pole Expedition! Come vote!!

Click! Mini me to real life, a Crossing Boundary Adventure

A most unusual trip that changed my life was the crossing boundary expedition; getting myself and others to go from the Virtual World to the Real World.

Factually speaking, going from real life Paris to an international online virtual world and back out to their respective geographic locations. I started from zero – a maximum zero that I had been able to muster, and at the same time being myself. Would I get to live a very different life, even though a slightly vicarious one? The trip lasted about one year when I began trying to meet Virtual World avatars in the Real World.

The first place I visited in the Virtual World was a Japanese location set in the 40’s of post-war Japan in a small village. It was very strange to be in a bar where the same people hung out all the time and I did not speak Japanese. The Virtual World allowed me to be thick skinned enough to descend into the bar everyday even though no one really spoke to me except the bar tender. He was a most mature and courteous person – I suspected he was there for a very good reason. It was his real life job to be there and not a “play job”. Turned out that this charming, realistic and conventional bar in the village was set up by TV Tokyo for a real show to be shot and broadcast on air. My mini me was a real figure in a real shooting event!

Little by little, I completed my Virtual World project. Born at zero in the Virtual World, I became Head of a Museum Prototype and am exporting the same in the real world.

I have exported a section - 10% - of a Mobile Museum into real life last year in Taiwan – the building is ongoing. The name of the museum is Digital Guqin Museum from the Virtual World to the Real World

Why would I think that I am the right person to be Offical blogger for a North Pole expedition?

As a bona-fide explorer-story teller, I see opportunities and possibilities for stories everywhere. Aside from blogging, I will also create a comic book of the trip - for pleasure; and a video – for video is our contemporary painting tool, for visual poetry in the “real”.

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