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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Unending questions, brain as receptor, one step further

I really like this Transmusicale 2008 poster, will try to get a larger sharper picture; colorful birds flies out of the tuba in this white washed snowland. I made a GraffittiGoGo sweat suit outfit with metallic violet color spaceboots as a souvenir to yesterdays visit at Metalab sim. The artist for the original poster must be a very charming person.

Carla Broek wrote "Friend" in Chinese and we doodled over on the GraffitiWall, the graphics sometimes will be selected to make the GraffittiGoGo line of souvenir tshirts for free gifts.

The conference room screen at MetaLab has been streamed onto GraffitiWall - this is a favorite of minimalist art lovers.

Live rl conference video streaming on multiple screens - mixed reality creation - a built located at Metalab.

I read on Ninianes Blog that she has a character trait, she asks one question after another. I have a friend from a science background, she also does that. She told me that when she was little, her mom took her to the wet market, and there were apples in a crate. Each one had little stickers on it, saying Delicious Apple. The vendor said they were from the States. She asked, how do you know? Vendor: the stickers says so. But somebody could just put these stickers on, how can you be sure? She was maybe 7 at the time. She has this character trait that she argues to the Nth degree. I am notlike that, argumentative for the love of it, I just want to go one step further - how far could we go? I just want to go one step further - whats the next picture, and the next, next? The proof is, if the respondant gave me a convincing answer, I would stop right away. I just want to know why and get a thorough answer - its like getting a job well done.

In fact, depending on how we frame any picture - what follows is unpredictable - just look at photosynth, or google earth, or any web site that has words and pictures on it... we could always look further depending on so many conditions, for example, our capturing devices.

The brain specialists - for example Jill Bolte Taylor - says that our brain is like a receptor, it captures as time goes on. Whether you are asleep or not, the waves and signal continues, just that your are turned off - and even then, some people can continue as they sleep. I used to memorize text for class work as follows. I would read the text a couple of times, go to sleep and next day, I would know it by heart. It means somehow i turn the brain partially on. Otherwise, how could we account for "the night brings good advice"?

Now, my present question is, why cant i build quickly the DGM ? I could execute very quickly, this is not the problem - I need some wind. I need more data to go on. This data is not the reference data: bldg details or clothing or historical stories, or any of the factual pieces related to the DGM, I am looking for something new. Reproducing an existing set of data has been proven valuable in sl already, we only have to look around and see the many wonderful historically informed or reality based builds all around - such as castles, campus.

As a creator of a site, I like to provide opportunities for new experiences. I want to provide something new - a platform for constant input of data (the presence of unexpected avatars is the most exciting source of constantly changing data in sl - because they are linked to a humongous source of data in rl), create an opportunity for ever-refreshing experiences for the visitors beyond a triggering mechanic that outputs large or small preset options.

Where does this perpetually renewed data come in for the DGM ?
Just want to go one step further.

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