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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

real life lunch at Odeon

I went to a cafe/restaurant yesterday, the oldest in Paris, the service, food were superbe. There was a couple sitting next to me, man in his 60ish, and woman sophisticated a la Fanny Ardant. He had this whole rognon with french fries, she had snails. Then, the waiter proposed the second dish, salade with fresh lobster from Portugal - the lady says, what? oh, good; braaaavo braaaavo! hahahahah
I liked the way she answers, its funny and pleasant for everyone. The man looks like someone very well fed, accomplished in his profession - maybe a banker.

Then near the window, is a couple of men, in grey pinstripe suit, in their 40s both spoke American english. Maybe a couple? Pale and high strung - the one facing me, the one with his back to me, more relaxed type.

On my right hand side, a couple also, two fat men, they must be size XXXXL, artistic creative type. They had a long meal. Seafaring type of white pull over sweater, long hair, with moustache.

Opposite not too far, is a small soft looking Asian man; a Japanese? by his hair style and choice of proper clothing. He was drinking mineral water... smiling good nature type. Could be a travels writer for a classic magazine.

Opposite the passage is a petite Japanese girl, very conservative office look, (they give you a very reliable impression) but not corporate office, attire, something brown, beige, vintage no style Burberry, in her 30s, she had soup, main course the whole deal... :)

All this time, several couples came and went, people came in groups of 4 or 5 to visit the restaurant, but did not stay to dine. A couple of single older women came in to dine.

Me, I had half tourteaux and beef stew... yummy yummy... I should learn to cook like this... service was great, friendly with style. Definitely a place to come back to.

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