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Friday, 21 November 2008

Oracle Book Diary DIY gift 2009, YouTube tv tuner, SuDongPo Timeless, cultural differences

Reading a prize winning design of ebook-reading environment by a German artist at Francophone Library.

The Official DGM taxi on the GraffitiWall, slated for the GraffittiGoGo Jumpsuit 2009.

DGM taxi created and customised by Salmaru with Official chauffeur. Standard Salmaru taxis, all free, are baked in high quality durable colors for all occasions. Available at Salmaru store, black limousine for red carpet events, green for the anonymous wild chase, red for self expression, beige for understated discreet meetings, and blue for holiday time! You will find just the color to suit your mood for your everyday needs. The model shown with Plum flower motif is a special custom version of the DGM, available upon request for all Friends of Digital Guqin Museum. All models come with chauffeur - just wear it yourself! ^^

Swannjie thinks she is sleeping, but her eyes are open... why dont they make avatars sleep with eyes closed? Its probably very useful for a lot of people - you wont feel so tired looking at your avatar with insomnia!

Swannjie came across the golden buddha in the clouds at Penglai Island, she asked: what are you doing here Buddha, arent you cold? Buddha answers: You are very observant, how does a fish know the water is cold? Why do you answer with a question? Whats wrong with that?

A Chinese visitor finally, Swannjie tried to drag Chinese visitors to the DGM, succeed with FlyKnifeDream who makes a very nice Chinese sim with a graffiti wall - a traditional one with pre-scribbled photos, phone nos, and poems. Just like in China on a white washed wall.

Torley was at this beautiful bar with lighting so superb for evening performances. Very charming he is Torley, yes, the super guy himself!

Oracle Consultation Platform with a Chinese medicine chest, arent answers to our questions like medicine sometimes? Just the right component - even microscopic quantity will cure. I read somewhere, this conversation. The patient: doctor, i have taken a lot of medicine already and i am still not well. The doc: its not the amount of medicine you take, its the right kind of medicine that cures.

My standard wall size giant tv screen customised aluminum casing. I like to watch tv shows inside the house, whereas for movies, i like to watch it outside open air... so a double sided screen offers more viewing pleasure.

... a moving picture wall surface, tune into any movies from a channel we set up ourselves such as from Shoutcast... all the vintage chic oldies, for example music videos... spy movies, cartoons... hard to see shows directly coming to the DGM Club House... but no No Youtube, hmmm. I read the very good Torley tutorial... its possible with mp4. OK

Surprise! WangXiang the ever ressourceful and kind one sent me a YouTube tv tuner with an ultra slim screen. Wow, YouTube is so easy to use with this receiver. I can imagine a lot of fun things to do with friends using this nifty slim screen. We could begin to watch the Children Guqin Player clips now! I like to show the children playing, its so cute... if they could learn in 3 months, what about us?

Next, fun things for all levels of skills and interests for everyone ! Majong table - which i got from a Hungarian cultural centre a long time ago but now became a weapon zone! Sl changes so fast! Right now my table is a little broken because I fired a round of clicking on it without reading instructions, now all the tiles are gone. Cant rezz tiles. :( We could play once I fix the bug and get the tiles back onto the table... Will set up my favorite fancy Go game by Bambam Sachertorte (400prims!) for the quiet ones - Chinese medicine for the ones who like to experiment on themselves and the ones near them... and Oracle consultation - now everybody has questions, isnt that so?

Of course, cooking; cooking is an important part of Chinese culture, more YouTube... instructional cooking lessons are very good - even SuDongPo himself that lively poet-engineer invented an ultra popular lacquered pork dish - He wrote about this extensively eat drink and fall asleep under his flowering Tamayo tree. You can order this dish even today in any Chinese restaurant anywhere around the world - it carries his name. Pork a la DongPo fashion. DongPo Ro (Meat DongPo style) See, cooking is important! He was exiled to the bleds because of honesty in office, and problems with people in high places.

Anyway, SuDongPo Timeless was born in sl a year ago... havent yet found him the right clothes - I will make them soon, he deserves a proper literati outfit and not the common gold silk brocade - but something very elegant which suits his personality. He will grow into his role in due time. We must wait.

Visited the Francophone Library yesterday, and got a "Livre nu" - blank page book from a french friend - see, even in such neutral ivory tower literary realms, a "Livre nu" is much more sexy than a "blank page book" - a "Nude book" just doesnt translate the right meaning at all... in Chinese, a blank page book would translate as "the pure book". :) See, cultural differences, cultural differences.

I will put a little picture and bookshop up too... :)

Now, I am offering a DIY Oracle Book Diary gift for the coming New Year 2009 - maybe in real life and in sl - for those people who want to make their own personal Picture-Diary book - a record of the questions they asked. Over the course of a year, they will see which questions and answers they got.

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