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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Digital Guqin Museum 2008, new development site

On invitation by a Friend of Digital Guqin Museum, - Mr. WangXiang Tuxing, afficonado of Chinese culture and virtual worlds at large I have made a demo and surprise... he owns a few islands and likes the Digital Guqin Museum Project! I am excited by this occasion to pass from sl to rl. Offering free use of land is a rl affair!

Our friend has offered an archipelago previously named the Hundun for DGM group use. I kick started this morning immediately after receiving the happy news. DGM is now on a larger site this time, 9000+ sq m. 600prims approx. Initial duration 6 months.

Brief history of pre-Digital Guqin Museum locations:
1/ Nimue, small 512m2 invitation by Five March, site of the building of the instrument.

Rented land for a week - for double prim newbies from an Estate office - soon surrounded by newbies building wall to wall tight and tall structures, without regard to style and function, noise, people who flew by, peeped in without any hello. Does not answer even spoken to... newbie experiences... abandonned land after one week. Often no tp - sl without tp is like a computer without electricity.

First Hundun guqin completed. Ikune Rosse did the scripting, Luvem Carter animation, Kan Greene animation. Enormous general help by Five March, Saitot Tammas, Ken Cioc.

2/ Elks Marina, from Elkdeer Woodgets property, a slice of his beach, a small flower house for Digital Guqin playing. Flower house by Tilly Ayres.

3/ Nimue, on un-named land parcel neighbouring helpful friends Saitot Tammas and Five March; for several months - DGM was housed in Mushroom spa House by Tilly - customised for special parking below and shop above with small stage/bed for the instrument. Hot tub and guqin demo in a translucid green flower.

Swannjie Postal Service first initiated to raise funds for the DGM Project. On-going.

Deltango Vale offered land for a Guqin concert and general sandbox use of a vaste sim.
This first sl to rl event was a success in sl and rl. rl in Tokyo, and sl in previously named Magenta parcel.

3/ Linden Campus Land Grant, 4000+ m2, for the DGM project. Setting up of media screens, guqin playing set ups on landscaped gardens. Site served as campus group research meetings for the pleasant peaceful qualities. Demos and cultural interchange among the groups.

Presented the DG to various University groups: University of Southern Mississippi has collaborated with the scripting for their experiment. Professor Sturvesant is a wonderful collaborator. Also met robot expert from Santa Rosa College, and Prof Christelle Scharff from Pace University, and Tsulbaran from Chile.

4/ DoubleHappiness lot, Eyebeam Island art project; Chinese Garden for a small DGM demo setting, with Oracle Poem reading platforms.

The Eyebeam island owner had a real life event for one day, avatar were given worker contracts for the DoubleHappiness Factory - a jean factory - it will print out jean designs at the order of rl visitors. The jeans were sold at $64us each, on cotton cloth, glued together. Wearable, washable. Swannjiejie was sent to sign the contract at the factory - be on standby as a backup worker - for her troubles, she gets an allotment for her perusal and linden dollars.
The lot is now housing the DGM garden, for general use and display of a Digital Guqin for vistors to try.

5/ Mother Airship, a gift from Hanako Hammerer of a giant flying vehicle, holds 20 passengers, good idea for a mobile DGM . It includes shop, living, voyager carrier and can fly up to 4000m. No fixed address.

The ship will be modified to suit a mobile Digital Guqin Museum purpose. This ship is a larger version of an idea of a mobile Museum. Previous mobile versions include: purchase of a DoubleDecker bus, transformation of a school bus.

6/ On Hundun archipelago - hosting the Digital Guqin Museum set up by WangXiang Tuxing. We will plan a first virtual DGM and we will plan events for concerts etc.

First public Digital Guqin concert was a cold call gig offer by Owls Island from the cultural group composed of Winter, Carla Broek and Elora Luguna at the occasion of their "Once upon a time in China" festival. People came to the concert all dressed in Chinese clothing. Very nice event. The avatars were varied and very human, the setting they made was very charming and shows clear fun by the creators. Carla even made a Dynasty chart - because it is "Once Upon a Time" - thats going back in time.

To do list:
garden space design
rock design
furniture design
fashion for concert attendees
new models of Digital Guqin instruments
souvenir boutique - freebies
language cafe/teahouse/bar for Chinese, English, French for social club
games with chinese culture content
oracle consultation with personal live interpretation of poems by avatar

Log Book:

Following the gift of an airship by Hanako Hammerer on 6nov08, for Digital Guqin Mobile Museum (a flying vehicle complete with internal elevator and housing, shop etc. Carries 20 passengers), I decided to build from the top down - the highest the airship can reach is around 4000meter. To establish usable space, the airship's upper flight height limit was used as top level. The mobile concert place will be rezzed when needed.

So starting from the upper height limits, top level first, then work down ... terra forming will come after we do some research on which rl landscape to model after.

Come try the Digital Guqin, enjoy! Open to all.
Join the Digital Guqin Museum group today, its free!

Day 1, 8nov08:
A platform with a house, tree, and garden for Guqin playing, plus one Bubbles for Birds elevator. You could "climb" the 4000meters by hopping from one Bubbles for Birds to the next to reach the top without LandMark. Or tp to TOP DGM here:

Digital Guqin Museum 2008 top, Daiyu Island (200, 50, 4071)

Site photos:

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