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Thursday, 20 November 2008

House, TinyHouse, Mobile Vehicles, communication,

Next step would be to look very carefully how to make the DGM08 house - The House. I wanted to make a Home not only a House.

Ayiki wants to take care of the communication aspect of the Cre@ction group, more communication between the creators who are often working hard in their own corners. Isnt this something all groups want? A big cheerful nodal point of a sort?

It is not the space which is lacking and it is not the quality of the space thats lacking. Then what is needed still? Sometimes creative, original types are all very individualistic, because they must believe in their work. They are often loners. Do loners also want to go to an easy casual pub? bar? tea room? oyster bar?

Why would people want that?
Who are these people?
What do they look for?
What activities in a social setting situation do they enjoy?
How would going to such a point help them enjoy their time in sl more?

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