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Friday, 14 November 2008

First Tshirt for sale 0$Linden gift! Nessys words

With the help of Professor Sturtevant and my dear friend Saitot - I have made two outfits; both using Whiteboard technology - collaboration between people from three different continents!

My new fashion label begins with the Graffitti Wall at Digital Guqin Museum site - so for the freedom and the collaborative spirit of the Graffitti Wall - I name the 2008 line, "GraffittiWall"; starting with a line of sports and leisure wear, GraffittiGoGo, come get your gift, they are free!

Pictures coming... Saitot helped me put them into self made vendor boxes starting from scratch, in fact its not hard at all... however, its so much more pleasant with a teacher next to me, even though its in the virtual world.

In fact, isnt this a great proof that the VW platform is good for online learning? I certainly have good experiences - multi faceted ways of using the sl immersive environment.

Nessy, who wrote an article on Penglai island, has a beautiful nymphesque portrait on her blog; I check again just to make sure - and the title is "From the bottom of the lake"... In fact, my host chatted with me today, everyday i would see him for a bit, like a neighbour who drops by ... I asked him if he would give me a tour of his place and he said he prefers that I discover by myself, little by little, and taking time slowly. And, yes, why not?

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