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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Clap Clip, Transmusicale 2008 and the Moon, Mobile DGM with aluminum cladding single layer and cubic layer

The TinyHouse with 3000prims.

The main DGM site is so laggy that I crash each time I land so, I had to set up my Games cabin at the Annex - this is the new walnut mahjong table. After fussing with a new pastel color design, the best is a simple plain walnut face - exactly what I had wanted. I didnt know how to deal with the buttons, will they disappear? I wanted them! In the end, its so simple; just change texture. The buttons are embedded in the board, but tranparent only to display the data. So smart and easy to alter for the others. Great table! A freebie too.

The Mobile DGM TinyHouse, this is the aluminum cube skin. Each cube is a tiny storage space for toys.

Close up of the Games Cabin interior with Pearl aluminum screens.

Clap Clip came to give me a briefing for the Transmusciale mixed reality event on 3Dec08, 13h30-14h30, Digital Guqin demo talk, Paris time in Rennes. See, we will have a screen on the table and the giant size projection screen at top.

Scenario designer builder Ayiki, Clap Clip and Swannjie - this is a to scale representation of the real life scene at Rennes.

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