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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Bug ! zzzzzzzzzzzz

After i spent three days making a beautiful house, sitting group, tree; platform; sushi plate w champagne etc etc; tp notecards, suddenly, the land doesnt allow me to build. And then; five min later, all my objects came flying back! And i dont even see them in the lost and found folder!!!


Anyway, this goes to show you - in sl; you must make backup copies just like your word files - that essay that you spent hours writing needs backup, this house that you built needs backup...

Linden lab fault or whose fault. Gone is gone, doesnt matter whose fault it is; you got to be careful if you dont want to lose precious time in rl.

I took some pics of what i see and compared to visitors view - which is nothing; zero. The pictures are images in my computer cache, and they exist only here. You never know what others see is what you see... we all have previous memories.

Hahahaah, now that will put you to sleep... zzzzzzzzz

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