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Monday, 24 November 2008

Fabulous Ferris Wheel, Airship creator Swyndlehurst

After an exciting day, I saw the most fabulous hedonistic ferris wheel. Its supposed to be a secret place for now. So, I will just show you the photos no landmark yet.

The colors, the textures of the sofa, the teacup rides... everything I love... the scale of the larger than life builds - so pop Japanese, just like in bars in rl japan. Its the fantasy of childlike softness... a shiny, candy cane childhood ambiance - combined with 65 types of cocktail bar dispenser. In the ferris wheel, you could hold your own salon - isnt this magnificent - i wouldnt be surprised if such a wheel exists in rl. Although, the global financial tsunami might delay the rl version...

snap shot of a visitor : Swyndlehurst, creator of a Mother Airship - a customised version of it is being used for Mobile Digital Guqin Museum, came to visit DGM.

tp by Hanako Hammerer, I arrived at a fabulous Ferris Wheel. Here is a memorable moment. Something giant size, simple idea, build with a large sense of scale. Inside the Ferris Wheel;interesting poses with animation on the sofas. Everything is just right. The Ferris wheel has 714prims. (update of name and lm soon)

The wheel has giant size two story salons, it rotates very slowly, so the landscape changes outside, each salon has a different color theme and drinks - like private salons, for soft romantic rendez vous.

This reminds me of a comment, I was visiting Gion before it closes, a friend came by and we tested the pose balls for a romantic traditional hotel lodge. The two avatars are lying one on top of the other softly - the European avatar says, hmm but nothing much is going on, its static. For me, an Asian familiar with traditional romantic ideas, this is much more moving than any erotic sex balls. Its interesting how we have been programmed to enjoy certains things, we could be born with it or we could be brought up with it. Some people just enjoy playing hockey etc, whereas others like to do bird watching... hahahahhaha

This Ferris Wheel candy cane pastel salons are for romance in the same vein as that old style japanese Inn. Its the contemporary pop version of romance opportunity.

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