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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Kinetic sculpture Arthur Ganson, Jill Bolte Taylor, Johnny Lee

wow, just the type of things i like, a walking wishbone that walks on a tiny wire machine....hahahah. Superb!
Beautiful, poetic and light as air, precise... i wished i had made them... :)

A neuroscientist - Jill Bolte Taylor - talks about her Nirvana, I am so impressed by the analytical way she told us her experience. She shows us a real human brain from a physical object to the inside of the wiring! Many people I know had coma experience and came back, yet few lived to tell of the experience in this detail. I am so thankful of the generosity of the scientist.

Whiteboard, 3D, Johnny Lee, super-duper geek! 5 gold stars!

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