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Monday, 5 May 2008

L'un contre l'autre , les Citronniers, story telling, sl role playing, auto sufficiency in sl

It is funny to read how other people tell about an event that you were part of.
I read Five March's blog sl lessons.
Reminds me that everybody sees things from their own perspective, because that is the angle which gives meaning to their context. The context is the show that they set up, and the event with meaning is the cherry.
So, if you want to give meaning beyond any context. You must do-it-yourself.
Others can only do it from their focus, for their own usefulness, their own perspective.

Next, i would like to make some Chinese clothes.
Now, where could i get a sample template? Could it be done entirely in sl, without recourse to a text book in rl?

Is the learning entirely in sl possible? So far, i have not yet consulted the available books in rl, because I want to stay in sl to acquire sl knowledge.

Who would be willing to spend time to chat and show etc. and what could I offer in return in sl? sl money? rl time? rl friendship?
What are the elements of sl and how self sufficient can this world be.

It is becoming a role playing game. Because true living is best done in rl. :)

Movies seen:

L'un contre l'autre : german film : 3*
about a policeman who is about to get a promotion, but wants to not-get-it. He suffers beating from his wife, his children are on his side... but for some strange reason, he reveals his "secret" to a competitor, who plays a turn and kicks him out of the team, takes over his post...

as he returns to his home, promotion removed (as had wished secretly) his wife beats him again - he suddenly strikes back, beats his wife back (unexpectedly). In the end, both fell down on the carpet ... trying to recover from this exasperated situation...

This movie has received great admiration from critics and viewers. Subject is unusual, and i am trying to understand what are all the details... it feels realistic and human. But I dont understand who this policeman is. The wife, i could understand she is a classic person who wants to see life move upwards, but the man, i dont understand. A sensitive person is not necessarily someone who wants to be a loser...
Or, his sensitivity, his capacity for tolerance of outrageous actions, to cover for the other could only be visible in face of great violence?
Like, to show power, you must have resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the capacity to absorb is shown?
Why do people give this film such a great rating?
What do they see in this movie?

Les citronniers 2.5*

about a woman standing up to the Minister of Defense - her new neighbour - who comes onto her garden steals the lemons, and orders the trees to be chopped down so no bad guys could hide there.
One handsome guy in a coffeee shop with a very sculptural face - a middle east persons face - the other details are fine.
hmmm. Not likely, i am not convinced of this movie. Anybody else would have just taken a compensation package and leave.
If i were the minister of defense, i probably would have ordered her trees cleared too. It is not a suspicion of danger of bad guys hiding, its real.
And its only a few lemon trees, there are tons of lemon trees elsewhere. Why make all this fuss. Take the compensation package and move on.

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