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Monday, 19 May 2008

frimer, the nephew in hot water, and the bearer of "bad vibes"

I realized that in time of urgency and trouble, when people gives you booze, and wine, and chatter... these are frimers.

I see how its totally useless for this young man. Instead of going to stand up on his own feet, he putters around - its been one and a half month, and goes on and on with the frimer - who is an uncle of his. This uncle, in retirement age... drinks champagne, yaks it up. What will this do for the not-so-young nephew? I think its poison. I dont want to see this.

He is already old, a old geaser retired. What does it cost him to drink his way out ? On the other hand, who wants to be responsible for real advice? Drinking your way out is the smart solution. But as for the nephew, I fear for him. The longer he stays their playing this bloat up game, the worst it is for him. He has already lost important time.

I dont want to see this.
Much more, much more bad times to come for him, and I dont want to be there.

I have spoken and nobody wants to hear it, to them, its just "bad vibes".

Of course i will stop.

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