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Friday, 23 May 2008

Rule no.ONE, Asian children

When you go to China for whatever project, Rule number one :

到內地工作必須有對口單位接待,並作出具體安排,不然,即使 __ 人手和 __ 器材俱備,__ 行動也不易成事.

An Asian advice to American parents (quoted from an Asian blog), book written by Korean girls, best seller:

Asian love to buy houses."help your children, tell them honestly, if financial situation is unstable, in the long run, it will affect your happiness. And Education does not garantee a high income, but if you must enter an high quality academic circle, in a good social environment and achieve a stable income, you must work hard and do well at school."
"Help your children find a way, dont tell them again, if you like it, do whatever you want."


Good sensible advice, however, this creates a uni-vision combat zone, a battle to death situation. But competition makes a stronger player too.

Now, if the Asians are in a majority Asian environment, would they still be as strict as this?
We are afraid our houses will fly away.

Nabokov subletted other people houses - then moved to a hotel, full service.

Is it good to force a child who has no talent at school work to insist?

What is true luxury ?


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