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Friday, 23 May 2008

Le Conte de Noel,

Le Conte de Noel,3* 3hrs

Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastrioianni, and others
Very rich picture of a family full of feuding problems, every character from the fat father - old froggy dad to loving matron Deneuve to precious pearl Chiara, sobby Elizabeth nervous wreck having to speak to a psychiatrist friend (I just dont like this type of melancholic mean people) and everybody hates brother Henri, alcoholic painter brother, empty fun loving headed brother, Jewish girlfriend, professor know it all husband of the melancholic one... young twin boys, a young son with mental breakdown episodes, the mother having cancer... a very rich tapestry of life, how things just flow and all the human subtleties. Every character has a full bloom role to play - down to the young boy twins. Families are a place of warmth, and also much turmoil. This is not a simple mannered torture nga nga film, its delicate, well defined.

I would buy a DVD of this movie when it comes out.

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