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Saturday, 10 May 2008


27dresses 1* (not worth wasting your time)

What a bad movie, cliche, no detail, false sentiments, the male lead has a most awful unsexy voice, the main lead is so sweet and pretty next to Tess (the flousy blond sister) who could be a nice contrast, but everything is off scale, maybe there is one solid message the director wanted to say, the older sister didnt have to take care of everyone, the younger one had a hard time too... booo hooo hooo... maybe the director is in the position like the younger sister, its a message to her real life older sister? Cant see why this is about the only dialogue thats not stale dish rehashed quick and easy, tasteless. The 27 dresses are not even shown up close, no fashion detail, the writer is not convincing... Everything is just so cheap and off the shelf. Its amazing that its even showing in a cinema!!

Why do i write about this stupid movie? Well, to show you that for some reason, some things distributed are really terrible. How did they get the money to make it to begin with? :) That is the interesting question.

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