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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chinese Documentary Films :: 2 books, Born May 68, Anshe Chung report, Aisingiro TaiYang

Anshe Chung office, interview. (In Chinese, with pictures)

Interesting person.

Aisingiro Taiyang. DiaoYu Island. (photo, landmark to come)
Interesting person.

film viewed:

Born May 68, 3*

with beautiful Laetia Casta
The movie is 3hr long - but not at all slow. Epic about youthful generation in 68, the hippies, the sons and daughters, homosexuality, AIDs, divorce, traumatism from going to the war, Iranian family values versus white caucasian, country folks and city folks, lucky ones and fate, cancer, death, some girls are sexier than others, just because its free love doesnt mean a gal has to sleep with anybody, lesbian, no maternity, free choice for abortion... etc etc. Very good, rich, and balanced.

Maybe this is a sample of a documenatary-drama. :)

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