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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Maradona, Kurstirica, Izakaya Muira, Onsen, 21 Las Vegas

film viewed:

Maradona, Kurstirica, documentary 2008, 2*

21 Las Vegas, 1*
too fast, fast food film, details all slapped together, like a movie made from tv

Sex and the City 1*
the fashion is really trashy loud and not at all attractive. Spindly legs, none of the star comes across as an enviable attractive character. Though i like the sexy HollyWood one better, this character has a slightly more depth. All the people in the movies is cardboard characters, down to Mr.Big (who looks heavily made up and feminine) Very strange movie. Its a huge 30mn episode of tv blown up to a movie - with nothing else to make it qualify as a movie. I have never watched the tv version. I guess this should be long enough to represent the show.

Izakaya Muira, Onsen, sl, nice ambiance.
sl is just this, make believe steamy, sounds of waves, old style beach side ambiance. :)

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