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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

cannes 2008

a friend just left for Cannes. I understand how difficult it is for actors and producers. He told a joke: whats the difference between a coconut and a producer? Well, you can get a drink out of a coconut. :)

I visited a friends apt, she asked me if i would like to help her rent it to some people. Its big, everything is dark (it was at night.) and large dirty hallway carpets, its looks gloomy. I didnt say that to her. But, it needs an entire renovation! She seem to not see this aspect. Her last name is that of an aristocrate.
Feel sad looking at this apt, such a big apt, and so run down. I wouldnt want to live in such a place. The ambiance is that of going down hill.

Cannes also, I have no feeling for it this year. :) I also read that there is no Chinese film in competition this year. Wonder why.

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