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Sunday, 22 March 2015

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 1 :: Song Poem Generator DIY Software :: Prose Poem machine by Yixuan :Using Random numbers - or any numbers combinations - to write a Song Prose Poem.

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 1  :  Song Poem Generator DIY Software :: "Using translator between number and Song Poem structural word blocks to create your very own Song Dynasty Poem"

Using DIY Song Poem generator by Yixuan
-- 周旋捷

春色悠悠  不见 
今日相逢  梅花时候  
芙蓉  风月  西风多少?
杨柳  鸳鸯
风吹桃花   一声
桃花, 杨柳

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 1 :: Song Poem Generator DIY Software by Yixuan :: Prose Poem machine by Yixuan :Using Random numbers - or any numbers combinations - to write a Song Prose Poem. 

Original by Yixuan, scroll down below to play!

Development of another type of DIY by sg

In a similar way, if we replace the Song components with current hip hop or any relative vocabulary of any group, the unknowns could generate a succinct Song structural poem.

But for poetic structure of another type, for example Haiku, or free verse, or run-on automatic writing, the "equation" framework would have to be customized and re-adjusted.

Lets say, if we replaced all the Chinese words with chosen words from somebodies speech; from a manual for a chainsaw; from a love letter by a thug; from an Indonesian cake receipe; from a babies vocabulary - would you still get a Song Poem?

When would the Song Poem break down to - no longer poetic text?

To make any DIY poetic software work, you still need to do some editing - get rid of useless repetition, nonsense, add in a few words here and there to make it smooth and stamped with your own personality!

I once helped somebody write a letter to present a case for a sponsorship to a project, because the person said the "Head" never listens to him, but would listen to me.  So please help write a letter.  So I did, outlining all the positive points, all the good things towards his project - the content, concrete issues were all outlined.  However, the letter had my tone and voice in it, so I asked him to fine adjust the tone to sound like his own voice speaking. 

After he had adjusted it, it looked different, even though the content was the same, somehow it sounded like a routine project because the excitement, the freshness of an idea has been overloaded with traditional Chinese 4 word idioms!  

Now, how would a letter loaded with 4 word idioms change the perception of the reader vis-a-vis the actual work itself?
I think it gives the reader a general perception that it will be one more time something within the common known ball park.  Nothing fresh.

That is why, when we have an idea, we must also take care to package it in the corresponding outer skin. This is what "Total Art" requires, from inside to outside, thoroughly.

And if we take it one step further, this idea of "Total Art of..." is not only about art work, but almost applies to a lot of other things.

For example:  If we talk about kindness, how could you convince others, by donating millions to help the poor and but then systematically kick the beggars who crossed your path?

Answer:  Yes, you could.  The kindness shown is limited to large sums of donation to organizations with corresponding administrative structures and benefits, but not to individuals.  

Back to our DIY Song Poem software by Yixuan


 1空       21一笑  41深处  61一片   81不是
 2东风   22黄昏  42时节  62桃李   82时候
 3何处   23当年  43平生  63人生   83肠断
 4人间   24天涯  44凄凉  64十分   84富贵
 5风流   25相逢  45春色  65心事   85蓬莱
 6归去   26芳草  46匆匆  66黄花   86昨夜
 7春风   27尊前  47功名  67一声   87行人
 8西风   28一枝  48一点  68佳人   88今夜
 9归来   29风雨  49无限  69长安   89谁知
10江南  30流水  50今日  70东君   90不似
11相思  31依旧  51天上  71断肠   91江上
12梅花  32风吹  52杨柳  72而今   92悠悠
13千里  33风月  53西湖  73鸳鸯   93几度
14回首  34多情  54桃花  74为谁   94青山
15明月  35故人  55扁舟  75十年   95何时
16多少  36当时  56消息  76去年   96天气
17如今  37无人  57憔悴  77少年   97惟有
18阑干  38斜阳  58何事  78海棠   98一曲
19年年  39不知  59芙蓉  79寂寞   99月明
20万里  40不见  60神仙  80无情 100往事

sg poem using random number generator - anyone would do, below is an online freebie.

Song Poem by Sg

春色悠悠  不见 
今日相逢  梅花时候  
芙蓉  风月  西风多少?
杨柳  鸳鸯
风吹桃花   一声
桃花, 杨柳

raw results without punctuation, trimming, readjustments
45春色   92悠悠   40不见   50今日  25相逢  12梅花  82时候   59芙蓉   33风月     8西风  

16多少     7春风   92悠悠   52杨柳   73鸳鸯  32风吹  54桃花  67一声   54桃花   52杨柳 

网友算出99个宋词常用语 宋词密码在手3秒作诗赋词 你羡慕那些出口就会吟诗的文人吗?现在可以不用再羡慕他们了!


因 为有一位理科生“yixuan”闲来无事,把《全宋词》拿出来“捣鼓”,算出了其中的99个高频词汇。熟记这些高频词,你就可以随性所欲进行创作了!你还 可以用“无序”的数字来创造一首“美妙绝伦”的宋词,圆周率也可以哦! 频率分析算出宋词高频词 署名为“yixuan”的网友在个人博客里写道:“突然想看看宋词里面什么样的意象是最常见的,比如可以做个频率分析什么的。当然文本挖掘需要分词,我没 法在其中花太多时间,于是想出了一个土办法。宋词的句子都很短,如果穷举可能的字的组合的话并不是太多,况且最常见的词语一般是两三个字,这样可能的组合 就更少了。 ”比如“犹解嫁东风”这句话,可能的二字组合是 “犹解”“解嫁”“嫁东”“东风”,三字组合是“犹解嫁”“解嫁东”“嫁东风”,词的字数越多,可能的组合就越少。如果把每句话可能的字的组合都列举出 来,就可以整体统计频率了。”大家一致分析这位网友一定是个理科生。

随 后,“yixuan”贴出了他算出来的高频词,排在前面的分别是:1.14852.东风(1382)3.何处(1230)4.人间(1202)5、风流 (857)6、归去(812)7.春风(802)8.西风(779)9.归来(771)10.江南(765)……至于为什么第一名是数字,他解释:“排在 第一的是无效字符,这跟数据源有关。 ”这个结果一出来,一位网友就一语道破了 “玄机”,“原来,最流行的宋词就是‘东风何处在人间’啊! ” 生日数字也能改编成诗词 还有更绝的呢!署名为“达芬奇的鸡蛋”的果壳网友不知怎么地,就想到了拿大家都会背一点的圆周率进行创作,两个数字一断,对照高频词表,一首“华丽丽”的 词就出来了!还附上了说明,特别像模像样。 看完这首诗,网友们一边膜拜,一边自己的创作灵感也被打开了。 “丘寒”留言道:“试着用某个号码创作了一首:天上相思,芳草年年,昨夜江南,回首一笑多情。 ”“零Ronnie”很有创作激情:“我的生日:年年江上,江南春风;我的手机号:明月芳草去年,江南阑干归去……还真挺上口的!我也能做诗人了哈哈! ” 理科宅男欢呼消灭文科生 可是这么一来,文科生又不淡定了,一群文科生跳起来反击。 “雯名霞迩”大叫:“统统拖出去,斩了!这让学中文的人情何以堪啊! ”“Rockfish”代表理科生还击:“理科宅男们消灭文科生的日子到来了!拿起你的计算器,消灭文艺青年吧! ”“可可”童鞋呼唤:“就让科技小清新来得更猛烈些吧! ” 还有一群网友七嘴八舌讨论着。“沌世界”淡定地说:“不知宋词的粉丝看了是不是有一种偶像破灭的感觉。”“家杰仕”童鞋也总结道:“文艺男女已经阻止不了 技术宅作诗了! ”


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