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Monday, 23 March 2015

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 2 : Rock Monster by Kelley and Kameron Gates

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 2  :  Rock Monster :: "A Tale of Momentum & Inertia"
"A Tale of Momentum & Inertia" is a humorous CG animated short film directed by Kirk Kelley and Kameron Gates for HouseSpecial. In it, a giant rock creature accidentally sends a giant boulder down a mountain toward a city on the edge of the sea. The rock creature springs into action to try to save the town, but things take an unexpected turn for the creature and the town. The short is beautifully designed and animated, and I know this is one you are all going to enjoy, so check it out!

--- Synopsis
Rock monster animation.
A rock monster tries to stop a huge boulder rolling down to crush a little community in a castle.
When in the last moment, his tale tipped one tiny home, and the home was destroyed.
Then the whole castle comes out to shoot him -
Rock monster was v disappointed, he just lets go of the boulder - and the boulder rolls down and crushed the whole community.


What is special about this work?

1// Its CG the emotional drive is the same as old school non-CG.  If the animation was made with a hand drawn animation, would it have the same emotional impact?

We all know its not real - but are wowed by the realism in the graphics, the motion.  If it were a hand drawn animation, it would be a trite little story about ingratitude of unknown efforts, misunderstood good intentions - once again.

2// Facial expression of the Rock Monster, how to manage a rock formation and give it expression?  This is a variation and combination of computer animated "Primitive Art + Illustration Art" and the facial bodily movements are easily achieved using facial and body motion capture softwares.  The problem here is, it is a face made of strategically placed rocks with the right line for mouth and eyebrows etc.  Unlike the analogic Primitive Art, we see at the same time the rock as a rock and the face appearing at the same time.  The CG version is much less elegant but very effective all the same.

3// Does this diminishes the artistic quality of the Rock Monster animation?  Not at all, it is still a very entertaining well made, lovely animation w castles and monsters and does not erase the soft hearted misunderstanding human issues.

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