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Thursday, 26 March 2015

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 5 : Food in the City / sushi bar/ salade bar/ wonton noodles/ teacoffee cantines / Interior design as art work/ Chinese garden in a Museum

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 5 : Food in the City / sushi bar/ salade bar/ wonton noodles/ teacoffee cantines/ drinking bars  (to be cont'd)

Everyday art work - why is it that people dont really care for "high art", they prefer to get better "everyday art" instead.

A sushi bar by Kuramata the famous Japanese designer who created a most famous chair with embedded rose had been interior designer for a sushi bar.  This bar has been acquired by M+ as an art work for a good price.  Should a working sushi bar be removed to be put on display as a non-working sushi bar?  I think the original sushi bar was most attractive not only because of the interior design but because of the kind of people who eat there!  And the cook, the conversations, and the dim lighting on a narrow street before entering the sushi bar.

This is a little like the Chinese Garden thats partly replicated in a famous Museum in New York.  It truly gives the dimension of the original Suzhou garden and has the calm and beauty of the essence of the garden - but how far away it is from the real living garden! 
Is this the best we could do to display interior design?

Interior design is not a walk-in fixture to be visited and viewed (and in a museum setting its not even allowed to be walked in probably).  

It is a frozen structure with no live action.  

Of course, I could imagine for special evenings, for special people under special circumstances, a fancy sushi event might happen.


Some questions I have for the museum experience designers:
What is the real art of interior design for a restaurant?
To eat good food sit in a memorable place with memorable people.
What are some of the choices we have in HK today?
So we start with the planning of a day and insert a necessary casual eating event.

Could be ::
1// shopping - lunch - more shopping
2// going to a talk - lunch - visit an exhibition
3// meeting with a friend - lunch - going to a movie
4// after work - quick dinner with a friend - go to a movie 
5// going to a lecture class - lunch - more classes
6// going to work - lunch with colleagues - work some more
7// working in the atelier - lunch break - more work
Sometimes you read about a writer describing their bar hopping experience and on the street.  You feel that the entire time spent was not so much about drinking nor about the bar but the cinematic moments on the street where you come across teenage girls all made up to have some fun and their miming adult talks, their boredom, sadness, the no-way out period of adolescent life.

Sometimes you read about ordinary people picking the usual McDonalds and the food and how they really dont see their surroundings, they just eat and go.

Then, there is the famous wonton noodle place - you line up for more than half an hour to eat the famous nostalgic noodles with your girlfriend.

Or that French restaurant, newly started by two young people who graduated from French cooking school - and they serve a somewhat nice French menu with waiter, waitresses in the classic black and white uniform aprons and all.  The service is cordial, warm, charming, its entertainment.

What is truly HK?  When I go to HK, is the normal Starbucks so interesting?  No.  Are all tea/coffee cantines equal no.

So, maybe I will visit some and do a critique of them with pictures.  

I remember one situated in MongKok area, the decor is contemporary, efficient well designed, nice.  And there was a front open kitchen area for noodles and back kitchen where dishes are really cooked.  

The waiter and waitress and cooks are all in the late middle ages, as they were very efficient, they served the super fresh steam fish menu and they gossiped about an eccentric client who just exited.  The colorful vulgar language they throw at each other is so local.  They are not putting on a show, that is their everyday playful/working life.  

Everybody works hard, and what we encounter everyday is in real time.  
Its the real thing.   
Not frozen time and space without interaction.


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