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Sunday, 29 March 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 13 : Qin Player Portraits, Qin History

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 13 : Qin Player Portraits

As we all know, Qin is the first of the 4 pillars of Chinese culture, so, who practices this art today?  Who are the Qin Players, and where do they play, who are they?

Arranging Portraits of Qin Players - man women, religious people, students.
Who are the players today and how do they interpret the idea of what a "Qin Player  " should be?

How much of this is could be classified as expressions of :  
"Musical Esthete",
"Meditative Zen self searcher", 
"Scholar and Researcher", 
"Musical Worker", 
"Anxiety of Status", 
"Role Playing Gamer".  

The above arrangement has no particular order.  
Its organised from selflessness, to selflessness with a range of in betweens.

The in betweens would be divided into smaller groups:
intentional attainment of selflessness, 
selflessness with a goal to transmit knowledge, 
selflessness in sharing something the worker enjoys, 
not selfless but more perfection of the self through consciously reviewing how self looks in the eye of the others, 
play acting a specific role - to enjoy a new self every now and then, a temporary new self - but during the temporary new self, its fun and play.

Maybe there are other categories will update as I go along.
Some categories need no descriptions because its duration is very short, due to time and ressources, so its recorded but no further elaborations are made.

Elaborations could be: sculptures, paintings, texts, photos.

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