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Monday, 30 March 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 17 : Cycling across China

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 17 : Cycling across China
bicycle trip across China, 3 british students did it! 

What would the trip be like if you did it?
Plan a trip and go!
How many people on the biking team? 3 to 4 
(dont ride by yourself, too difficult should there be a problem that arrises)
Team should spread out tasks: water+food, technical bike repair kits, map direction, contact person+budget managing, scribe ; photo, video and online blog (the usual) and a delicate hand drawn picture book on paper! 

The difference would be, what are the chosen views?  scenes?
Should we do it by car+bike, or just bike?

If you go by car, eventually when it gets tough, you could sleep inside your car.
On a bike, you are under the weather all the time. 

Would it turn out more comfortable like the millionnaire who traveled across the globe 27 times in his station wagon jeep?

How to finance such an ongoing project.

Which are the provinces/ sights that I want to cross?

1//  Great Wall, wild section
2// Shanghai
3// Yunnan
4// Guizhou
5// Anhui - Artist village new initiative to bring art back to the sources
6// QingDao - have never been there, must have German influences and architecture
7// HuangGuoShu - the second biggest water fall in the world, what does it look like now after 30 yrs?
8// Guqin Studios - for teaching and learning, what is the situation like now?  After the research paper by a researcher from Beijing (wife of WuWenguang) will verify the name w the conference proceeding
9// special foods etc Xian
10// documentary of Kaiping fortress homes, village organisation, and my homestead.

All on bike?
What are the organisation details needed?
How to finance this trip?

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