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Saturday, 28 March 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 8 : Adult Coloring Book ; self colored in wall paper, Osmo the portrait software

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 8 : Adult Coloring Book; PS, studio painting, studio sculpture. 
New type of de-stressing activity, coloring books for adults.  
These turns out to be a few Mandala's - not exactly for self expression.  Real adult coloring books have found some buyers.  (link here... stay tuned)

Coloring books/ surfaces/ paint by number sets are all great ideas for people who use the activity for de-stressing or pass time, these are hobby activities.  
In fact, once you started, if you are the curious kind, you probably will extrapolate and find lots of other things to color in - this is when the work becomes interesting.
Many years ago, I saw a black and white wall paper which was designed to be colored in by hand whenever you like.
Just a few days ago, an artist published a coloring book for adults these are pretty flower, bird pictures.
Then ipad has a new drawing application, you could take any photo and trace an outline - then, of course color away!  
DIY portrait software for ipad voted best invention of the year by Time Magazine. Osmo.

Are these portraits equal to artists portraits?  We will see in another article what are the differences between software treated images and hand painted images - the non digital painting.

Using Photoshop, we had tools to reduce any drawing with any style of representaion, chalk, mosaic, charcoal. It was all possible many years ago.

With all these available tools, how do they differ from say, the traditional oil painting activity?

Photoshop was created for many purposes, including touching up photos, making prettier the composition etc.

What has all these nifty tools and technology give us and how will they make visible what is still impossible to replicate with software?

Would a "charcoalised" portrait be the same as a real charcoal drawing?  The artist still must make many decisions to render the work to something originally his.

Similar to automatic translation softwares, it gives you a rough outline, then you tweak all the funny areas.

Similar to in the olden days, the master sculptor gets a lot of apprentices who rough out the sculpture block, then the master comes to do the fine parts.  Because the apprentice is unable to tell which line is important, how to fine tune details etc.

Similar to the olden days, when master painters in their huge studios creates monumental paintings. These 4 meter x 3 meter paintings you see in the Louvre, the giants ones are mainly first painted by apprentices - then, the master comes and adds his painterly eye and touches.

So we have now colorings books for adults - we want to see our own hands doing things, but we dont have the mental time and energy to focus, so a little coloring for fun to enter the age of pre-school days, we could color in and feel happy.

Next:  what kinds of "coloring" books are available today? (to be cont'd)



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