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Sunday, 8 March 2015

俠女彈琴記 Lady (Superwoman) Style (tentative translation); silk strings, metal strings

俠女彈琴 - a serial fiction/reality story/book
episode 1::

I heard of a "俠女彈琴" style
I like it, I like it.
Just the name already is good.
No more, this or that sadness type of guqin songs.
Rather, the Tang style, 俠女 could avenge injustice, in the middle of the night, she takes her sabre/epee and runs after those sleazy no good enemies, make them tremble with fear - or even she comes back with a chopped off head or two, etc. 

This is "feminist" before such a term was necessary to take place.  Its rather, women just like men, they settle the score too - not in a hidden stealth/sneaky way - but here I come, dont mess with me, because I will come after you if you irked me enough.

silk string makers/suppliers:
metal string makers/suppliers:

1> Mr. Pan from Suzhou, master craftsmen for making strings (I have a sample from year 2000-2005)
2> Huang ShuZhi from HK, at first collaboration w Mr.Pan; researcher, made TaiGo silk strings started circa 2000 (I have an early sample) 
3> HuQiao, one sample purchased in HK.  2012
4> Suxin Silk String - launched, no sample yet
5> LongRen ice string - sample coming 2015
6> Shanghai metal string - sample from 2000- 2015, on and off.  Existing popular metal strings
7> QingMing silk string - YuanZhong Ping oversees production from China, silk string

8> Japanese high quality silk string
9> Luthier maker of silk string
10> personal home made silk strings, customised

11> colored metal strings

12> new prototypes with micro material

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