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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 3 : French Movie :: "An Ideal Man" **half; Harcourt photomaton; DIY

好奇藝術 (Kunstkammer) 3  :  French Movie :: "An Ideal Man" **half

Going to the movies in our small town, it ressembles a seaside resort - even though its only river side.  Not many people in the screening room.  New sofa style red plush seatingsWhats nice about going to the cinema by strolling down the main street seeing a person or two is that, it feels like "my town", "my home" which is very different from going to see a movie say at the National Library MK2 - which is an intellectual stylish huge complex with monumental landmark glass tower book architecture settings.  My favorite cinema - for nostalgia for home - is my home town cinema then the MK2 for an interesting discovery of new books, new comics, new gadgets and the Harcourt photomaton!

One of our current day happiness generating trend is the DIY movement.
Create your own glamourous studio portraits.

One of the greatest creation of our times is to enable each person to shine their own souls - through photos, through making toys, through self expressions of all types helped along with softwares, tools, and makerwares!

"An Ideal Man" (Un Homme Ideal) 2014 **half    Pierre Niney

The movie is like a comic book made into film story.  A lot of unbelievable story logics must be overlooked to get the story moving.  And Pierre Niney, huge cute eyes very prettily handsome actor could be a Disney character himself but in the flesh.  His character is slightly slimy but we find him sympathetic anyway because he came from nowhere to be in this huge mansion with everything.  The stealing-others script as his own writer is unconvincingly coupled to a pretty well to do princess of a girl friend - who is a literary critic/professor of a sort.  Totally unconvincing is that how could a fake writer convince a critic on a day to day live in basis for 3 years without revealing who he really is?  We move on, many more jumps of disbelief.  We arrive at the end, he faked a killing of himself, and ends up back at his janitor job.  With a face and manners as chicly polished as this, who would believe he would go back to being a janitor?  Wouldnt that be a waste?  No author he is, but surely this character smart enough to worm his way in and out of tight spots would be onto something more fitting ?   That is why this movie is a simple story for distraction, a simple comic books story.

But it is a fun movie, suspense.  Well put together as a comic book would be put together.
In comics, you jump from frame to frame, it is up to the reader to fill in all the in betweens and skip the disbelief to enjoy the graphics.  

This movie is a regular comic book made with real life actors.   

As we walk home from the local cinema, that somehow is very nice.  All fine, quiet, comic book movie night.   

Royal Palace Nogent

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Harcourt photomaton

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