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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Walking dead game play as Machinima, character wearing "painted face", deep paint

What is interesting here, is the characters faces, they are "rotoscopic painting" style - so its a human figure that does not pretend to be realistic.
It is painted on, like the characters in the movie "A Waking Life" - in fact, this is a way of making "A Waking Life" type of graphics but in animation without having to paint every frame!

If I dressed up my sl avatar in "line drawing" skin, then, the character would be "line drawing" person walking, talking, moving in a simulated realistic landscape.

And my character could be in any type of skin.  Its just the background would still be the realistic graphics of existing sl.

In any painting, the foreground and background should be in the same graphic conditions - otherwise the mixing of "genre of painting" would give the viewer of the painting additional meanings that might not be intended.  For example to have a real person walking around in a cartoon styled country side - mixing of two different genres - would be sending additional message and not the same as a real person walking around in a real country side.

Images of the Graphic Novel: The Walking Dead 

Painting onto the Second Life avatar in Photoshop (updated links)

Uploaded on Jan 15, 2011

This video tutorial provides instructions and tips for using the Second Life 3D avatar mesh in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended or CS5 Extended.
Links to the CS6 Extended files are further down.
In case you missed what I just wrote, you need an E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D version of PhotoShop CS4/5/6!
Otherwise the 3D object will simply revert to it's individual 2D parts.

Get the PSD's:
For CS6 Extended, the files are available from another content creator here:
Female Av
Male Av

Baked Textures (FREE!):
Original (text) tutorial source:

Exodus on Facebook:

Music (used with permission) by CruciA Static -
-Statika Mix
-I Look Away


    Howto & Style

    Standard YouTube License

Deep Paint

using high quality photos and paint it onto an avatar template - to get the real life person as avatar

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