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Friday, 26 July 2013

Une Vie Classee X - film by Mireille Darc w Raffaela Anderson

Raffaela Anderson was in an interview by a women film maker.
Shes very articulate, and the film shows many famous professional of pornography actresses.
No matter what you say,  how you take it, Brigitte LaHay says, there is a wound somewhere along the way - it is not the detached romantic, fun job that a lot of the actresses makes it out to be.
Raffaela Anderson also wrote a book "Hard".  In the book, she talks of the reality of the job.  In essence, she wants the truth be known.  
She said at the end that, she feels sad, and that she would have like to be the person that she could have been.  Courageous, I admire here.   A strong personality, she tries/tried to keep in control within her context, and that is all anyone could do in any live.  I think.


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