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Sunday, 7 July 2013

machinima expo nov17 2013


List of Films Screened in the Machinima Expo 2012 (Alphabetical Order)

Jury Films
Libre Arbitre (Free Will) by Olivier Romme
MetaSex by Tutsy Navarathna --- Jury Prize
Parlant sans languettes by Joe Zazulak
The Chapelside Deception by IceAxe --- Grand Jury Prize, OPEN THIS END Prize 
The Four Gods of Folly by Hypatia Pickens
The Great Bug War by Damien Valentine
The Last Syllable of Recorded Time by Tutsy Navarathna --- Jury Prize, OPEN THIS END Prize
The Urban Explorer’s Guide to Losing Yourself by thebiz
Unfinished Paintings (Dreaming of New Orleans) by Miron Lockett --- Jury Prize, Audience Choice Award 
Wulf and Eadwacer by Hypatia Pickens --- Jury Prize, OPEN THIS END Prize

Screening Films
>run Ram by Tikaf Viper
Across Town by Anima Technica
American Nightmare by David Vannier
Armilla by Hypatia Pickens
Arms of Clay - Part 1 by Daudi Mugabi
Battle of Britain - Kanalkampf by Jokke / Barfly
Benicio by Vincent C.
Beware the Eye of Amon Ra by Chris Starmer
Boss Fight! by Damien Valentine
Crash Cody Conquers the Moon - Ep. 1 by Kingpengvin
Dangers of Western Life by Kate Fosk
Decca’s Drinkin Dilemma by Mick McNeill
Design by Hypatia Pickens
Falling by iono Allen
Flufee on a Meshion - Ep. 13 Mika’s Box by Draxtor Despres, Pooky Amsterdam
Forsaken - Sims 3 Music Video by Ausagi
Gel Blong Mi Hem I Mas Skul by John Herd
Go West by Ping-Yao Chen
G-Project 2012 “End of the War” by Takuma
Happy Snapper by Happy Snapper Team
In the Rain by Kate Fosk
Jekyll and Hyde - Part 4 by kibishpaul
Lonely by Chantal Harvey
Love Prayer by Hypatia Pickens
Mr. Bones Sings - “In Tall Buildings” by Ole Etzel
Nemesis by Anima Technica
Neon by Gus Rockman
No Man’s Land - “Don’t Worry About Me” by Frederis Ettenein
No Peace at All by Benjamin Tuttle
One Small Step by Geoff Casavant
Patient by Dimitry Norpo 
Revival by Zorg
Rouge by Vincent C.
Round the Corner by John Herd
Scion by Joseph Kwong
Star Recruit by Joseph Kwong
Stolen Child by Hypatia Pickens
Super Space Gordon vs The Angry Truck From Outer Space by TGO GMBH
SYBD - the Twelve Stages of a Breakup by Ronald McNamara
The 15th floor by KV (Simon Stanisauskis)
The Driving Lesson by Matthew Ward
The Gift by Joe Zazulak 
The Harold Song by Emma Holton
The Melancholy of Resistance by Edward Folger
The Queen’s Feast by Kate Fosk
The Row by Greg Sinclear
Through darkest night by Joe Zazulak
Time Travelers - Ep. 5 Quantum Entangled by Russell Boyd, Pooky Amsterdam, James Canton
Unfinished Paintings (Dreaming of New Orleans) by Miron Lockett
Upset Circuitry by Ryan Habelitz
Vector Inspectors by Russell Boyd, Pooky Amsterdam

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