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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

autocam pro for machinima sl - one shot no cut

Published on 13 May 2013
Marketplace Link:

This video shows some example footage made using Auto-Cam Pro. The 2 clips are both single takes with no edits. All camera positions are generated on the fly by Auto-Cam Pro. Not all the footage is perfect for final use, but it should give you an idea of what can be achieved with no editing at all using this hud.

ACP is the new essential time saving tool designed to aid you in creating machinima, filming events in SL or just for adding a cinematic feel to your role play and exploration. It can automatically find unobstructed camera positions as you move through a scene, keeping your avatar in shot at all times with no scene-specific setup needed at all! It also runs in no-script areas and is very low lag, averaging only 0.03ms when active, so you can use it anywhere in SL with minimum impact on the region.

Tryptofaa Sand
Hey Wagner, basically it makes use of llCastRay to find positions with an unobstructed view of your avatar and allows the user to prioritise their preferred camera angles for automatic changes and use keyboard shortcuts to switch between camera groups. ·

Tryptofaa Sands Tryptofaa Sands 3 weeks ago Sure, llCastRay allows you to specify a start point and an end point in 3d space between which a "ray" is fired. The key of any objects or avatars the ray hits along its path are reported back, along with various optional data such as the position and surface angle of the impact point. In this case it allows the hud to determine when there is an object between your avatar and your camera position that could be obscuring the view.

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