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Monday, 11 April 2011

My first Bonsai "榆Yu" (elm) tree: Ulmus Parvifolia, IEEE Robot week in sl, Robot no1, 3, and 2

Robot no1, this week is Robot week at IEEE learn how to build your own robot in sl, classes!

Robot no3 w Robot no1, Robot no2 is too big to be in the picture. He is here.

Robot no2: A Japanese robot that Swannjiejie has assembled, now figure out how to program the robot.

Elm Bonsai

I bought a Bonsai in Tainan last year, from a man who was selling them next to the sports center. He has a few pots, no licence, just somebody trying to sell a few trees. Tiny the size of a quarter of a cup, or an expresso cup. There were a few leaves on the twig.
I said, how do I know it is living? Why are there so few leaves, and they are yellow, falling?
He said, its autumn, thats the season when tree leaves turn yellow. You must water sparingly and dont forget to repot immediately after you get home. I didnt tell him where the tree will live.

He wrote down the name of the tree for me on a piece of paper. 榆 = Yu

I bought a small plastic case, and carefully pack the tree in this box and we arrived home safely.
However, the leaves continue to fall, and became just a twig.

The vendor said, put the tree outside, it must stay outside. I said, even if its cold?
He said yes. You must take him out every few days for air.

So I left the tree outside all winter on my window sill.

And now, the plum trees, the chestnut trees, every tree outside has blossomed and pushing green leaves.

I look at my twig on the window sill, upon careful inspection, I see a tiny 1mm green spot on one of the teeny tiny bulbs.

I inspected him everyday. And yesterday, i see an elaborate spider has made home next to the tree! A real microcosm!

With a magnifying glass, I see several bulbs are pushing green spots!!

Found this blog with reassuring information!

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