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Sunday, 24 April 2011

L'étranger **half

L'étranger **half
drama: Turk immigrant community in European country (Germany)

The film is very well made technically.
Many Aesthetic, beautiful individual scenes are well shot, subtle, actors and actresses v beautiful. Only fault is - and a big fault - the story seem to be forced: I dont understand how a woman of her beauty, kindness, charm, experience could not find a job in a big city. Many "turning points" to push the story forwards seem so incongruent.

The actress is so fine, so beautiful w quiet aura and intelligence, kindness, courage, how is it in the various scenes she does things like someone without any brains or smarts?

Umay the main character aborts - the scene very subtly shot. Scenario is very gd, abortion done secretly w support from an older woman in a clinic. The older woman asked kindly, are you alright, does it hurt? Setting in a barren type of suburban scrawl landscape, bustop. Immigrant land.

Then we go back to the house, very neat tidy, respectability, stability. Stiffling. She was locked inside her own room!! Umay wants to escape. Doors locked. She calls the police, police comes to take her out of the apt. Police seems to know about this type of situation. If a fine young woman decides to call the police to remove herself, this is already a drastic measure. She would be very careful not to put herself in further "no freedom" situation. But what follows are insouciance...

She eventually gets to her sisters wedding - in a long bare shoulder sexy gown - nobody else wears such gowns in the wedding. The director made a decision to high light Umay as the "guilty one, woman in red"? Clothing is wrong. Then she got rejected by the whole family. Once rejects, she squats outside w her son. He asks why he cant see his oncle ? She walks in turns the music off, gives a tearful speech about how this rejection makes her son a family less kid! This is illogical, unless the women is crazy. With such awkard presentation of the main issue (kid will be cut off from community if mom is not the obediant sacrificed femme au foyer). Umay is put outside the hall rejected completely. Imagine in real life, if somebody doesnt want you in a place, you tried once. Its already clear. You wouldnt repeat it second time with more force to the point of wrecking the festive occasion.

Everything happens with strange bumps along the story line. Illogical and forced.
Umay is a beautiful girl, natural, she giggles laughs. Has a boyfriend she loves from work and, they even live together. Her family did not initiate a "kill her" command, it is only after she insisted on going back to relink that the father somehow decided on "Kill her" order. Which is humanly very unlikely, because this is a family of stability not in the little rough countryside without any sense of civic codes! They all speak German too, so even though they are Turks, I am not convinced that they would behave this way. Or, if they did, the director must prepare us innocent viewers that these people already are stricken w madness.

Her brothers, one w a gun, fails to shoot. The second with a dagger gives a thrust but stabs the boy, and maybe mortally kills him instead.
Both brothers love Umay when they were young - pre alienation days.

Very beautiful and esthetic, but, illogical in story line. I am not convinced of the story. This severely damages the film and makes it superficial.

I would like to see how the mother of Umay really feels, some scenes of her doing something to show how she as a woman must feel towards Umay. Maybe forcefully thinking if i suffered myself, you too should not complain and do the same instead of dishonoring us... etc or she secretly does something... whatever route the mother takes, we need to see humanity from her to understand why this family is so stubborn and inhuman.

The father is shown to be human, but but but. Kill her!! "I am sorry my child..." Thats all? Very strange. He deserves more screen time too, more scenes w him is necessary too!
The younger brother lies next to Umay on the bed, they are close, v gd. But what kind of brother is one thats so careless as to put a sensitive note in an open box so the other brother could intercept? The older brother is also v strange, he loves Umay when she was young and what happened? There are not enough scenes in the movie to see how the family structure from the Turk side, why are they the way they are?

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