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Friday, 22 April 2011

Amateur film making, La fille du Puisatier***

On amateur film making: I asked a friend film maker prof; which students make most interesting films?, the answer was: the films made by design students are not so interesting because they only care about "if this looks good" or not, there is not much story whereas students from other departments, whether science, engineering, biology, they have a story of their own to tell.

La fille du Puisatier***

French historical drama

At first I thought, another historical film nostalgic story telling based on a famous writer novel.
Ok ok. The trailer has been playing for several weeks, so I say, ok, a break, here we go!

Its a very fine movie. Though I am not crazy about any of the actors in the film, but the text, the dialogue - maybe its quotation from Marcel Pagnol himself - so moving coming from the lips of Daniel Auteil. The gravity of the situation, the women's position in society. Sabine Azema - actress who plays certain roles so far I have never liked any of her characters - here also unsympathetic but the character is truthful in a believable way.

I think the Philippe character is the most likeable and of course the baby!
The male lead has something very lean and mean in his face, you would think he is not likely to want to follow up w his one night fling... but he did in a forced non comittal way - which is realistic. It is believable in life.

This is a realistic movie with great text and very good actors.

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