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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pina***, Titeuf***, Nous , princesses de Clèves***, LA NOSTRA VITA ***half

3D by Wim Wender
Dancers, moves, talks about their experiences, and their relation with Pina Bausch Grand Dame of the dance.

The 3D effect is like a layering of 2D transparencies.
Very nice story, very french authentic small common families, grandma, grandpa, mother leaving father for another man, but able to tell the child about this. All very soft and kind, nothing bitter or complicated as in real life. The father is like a father, tired, he listened, half hearted but complies w Titeufs demand. All very authentic human, and humorous.
Its not the Disney all sugar and spice and everything nice. For kids and adults alike.
Some animation movies are sooooo nice, that its very hard for adults to watch - no matter how beautiful the drawing are. The story determines a films success.

« Nous , princesses de Clèves »***
Documentary of high school kids in Princesses de Clève a story by Madame LaFayette, how they interpret a classic story and how they related the main character of the classical piece to their own current everyday lives. Their highschool diploma (Bac) their love stories, family history... very rich. And the framing of the camera work is very good. Many sensitive big close ups. All the young girls are appreciated by the camera - they all have beauty in the becoming, we see imperfect skins but that is normal, teenagers, they have hormone problems. In Chinese, they call these acme, "youths beans". What is very impressive is that, no matter how they perform in scholarly matters, they are all very articulate. (Maybe the inarticulate ones are not shown in the movie?) Very beautiful movie.

LA NOSTRA VITA (Our Life) ***half
Vitality, this movie is full of energy, reality. Very good details, nothing is all glossy and not all sad, every character, from a drug dealer in a wheel chair, to the guardian who fell to his death and buried without a trace, to the constractor chief, to the new contractor to be doing his first job, to the handsome brother who has been wounded by an ex-girl friend and became fearful - but what a handsome man, gentle, policeman, the dream man any woman would love to be with - the Roumanian woman in Italy being looked down by Italians, not a lot just slightly, the son tells her not to speak Roumanian in public...everything is human. First time I see a movie where its mainly men, man working in building, baby sitting, taking children onto the work site... everything moves with raw speed and energy. Reminds me of the movies Sophia Loren was in the Italian realism tradition.
The way men play w children, trying to be a good father. He tries to replace whats missing with money. The Roumanian boy who didnt know his father died on site yet was suspicious all along, he queries the things around him, watching all along - because even though his own father is less than his desire, he was his father - he joins this family of father and three sons, helps with chores inside the house. The story is very well constructed. If the helper were a woman - which is quite common in such cases - we would imagine some romantic stories coming out of that, but its one fat boy who knows nothing and has to be taught from zero, he was also a kind of family.
Then, he tells him, yes, he knew his father. The tragedy. They got close enough for him to tell the truth at a moment of despair. He is in a bad state as well while the fat boy tells him, everything is going to be ok, dont worry.

He calls in the special service of moon lighters, they work 24hr around the clock, with a sister in law as cook, so no waste of time; boom boom booom! Work is done, you pay and alls well. This is the famous Italian economic model, the workers - all Italians and no immigrants! know how to do the job they are professional builders. They have a proper job in day time, he calls in sick for 2 days and moon lights for this extra money. Thats how the society works in tough times. Scratch hard enough and everybody finds a way out. The immigrant team are lean and hungry, they are not professionals, they are child psychologist, etc with a proper job in their home country but here, in Italian, they do illegal construction work and must hide when the police comes, they dont want to do this work, its not their profession. The film shows all angles of a situation, very efficiently with just a few words, its shown.

Human, little folks with everyday money, accident, love problems.
(We are glad to see things evolving, people find each other, holding hands timidly, etc, life goes on, and the only thing worst that can happen is someone who has no life at all.)

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