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Monday, 18 April 2011

LA PRINCESSE ET LA GRENOUILLE***, Disney and Dali animation, DisneyLand

animation by Disney, John Lasseter producer.

At first i thought it was a rerun of an old animation film, such is the style of the illustration, the colors, the fonts used. But then I see John Lasseter's name at the end, and yes, its a recent film.

Very pretty, sweet story w believable standard stereotypical characters. New Orleans carnaval, monkeys, bad poachers of rare birds, freedom versus in cage, love conquers all, lazy fun prince w working hard class, workaholic princess, they dream of having their restaurant? This part is a little hard to fold into a perfect ending. But who cares? Its a fairy tale!! Very nice music, accents, habits, crocrodile trumpet player who scares everyone off the boat - but for one evening, during the Carnaval, people think hes in disquise and he gets his dream! etc etc

Watching this movie makes me think, Disney is a wonderful great artist! He manage to create dreams for adults and kids alike! Disney land is a real life version of this virtual 2D cartoon world.

Apparently he collaborated with Salvador Dali on an animation film in the 60s, but it was not released because not "mass appeal" enough. Walt Disney signed his name along w Dali on the credits side by side. I do think after seeing the animation, that the two are very similar. There are magic moments that are more than the Disney usual stuff, but all the same, Disney is magnificent! Maybe because I was also fed the Disney stuff since little so I am nostalgic towards these cute sweet things! I thought i wouldnt like Disney Land, but a friend took me there one time - the Paris Disneyland - I like it!! Its so well made!


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