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Friday, 29 April 2011

Company Men **half

Company Men **half
reality drama: salarymen high end and low end w/wo Porsche lost jobs high and low from mega company w ruthless boss

Reality movie about salarymen who face rounds of firing. Announcement of being fired, and everybody leaves with a paper carton. Ruthless cutting of posts while the big boss still gets millions of income. The high end commercial guys, the right hand man guy, the one who worked from bottom up guy, all fired. Young, "pushing 60", "pushing a little more than 60"; when the workers are let go, they all go to an intermediate retraining support office place where they are fortified with positive thinking. Meanwhile the young guy finally got up the nerve to take a construction site job to make ends meet. Many hopeful interviews failed, and finally, the "pushing 60" guy committed suicide which made the "pushing a little more than 60 right hand man" began setting up a buisness to rehire all the let go people, to make a new beginning. They start getting all these retro metal desks, hand stapler, in a warehouse, giving it a go and everybody is happy and hopeful. Life begins another round.

I see reality signs in this movie. Little nudity, though some high ranking admin people do sleep w each other. Wives of sweet income people wants "corporate plane" to take them on vacation... etc.
Aside from these details, the movie is straight forward, tells a story, clear, one, two, three. Happy ending!

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