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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Route Irish**half

Route Irish**half

War, social injustice, detective

The main character is a violent lower working class guy who engaged in special war zone mercenary work in Irak. Its the last chance to "make a bundle". While he could do it without too much thinking, his childhood friend engaged in the same work upon his introduction and got killed in unclear circumstances on the most dangerous place on earth, Route Irish. Before he died, he insisted on getting compensation for civilian victims who had been killed by error in a taxi. The circumstances of how he was killed was unclear. The boss explains that it was an accident. But he suspects its not only an accident. It was intentional that the boss sends his friend on frequent trips back and forth on the death route Irish to get rid of him - a trouble maker w too much scruples whos not suitable for this type of work, and who risks to drag the company down.

After many intriques, violent dangerous investigations, he came to believe another colleague who is more violent than others in his team was the "paid killer" for some reason. Much investigation, forced avowals, water tortures, the man agrees to say whatever he wanted him to say. But in the end, he found out, what he had forced out of the man was not the truth.

He discovered that its really all about money and ruthless sacrifice of the little guys for big money by the organsiers/company. Furious that he was used in this way, he plants a bomb in the car where he kills both company heads.

And then, he drowns himself in the river because he could never get back his old simple innocent self.

There was a romance sequence between the man and his best friends girl friend. Violent punching, slapping as seduction.

Whats interesting in this movie is the reality of the story. Violent people have their specific behaviors, love, reasoning, honor, responsibility, self respect - these all fit with each character. The big boss/company head are also tough rough skinned men - not only they are emotionally tough, they are inscrupulous - would sacrifice anyone if it harms the profit /business of the company. It is ran just a business like any other only worst, its usual routine is to kill any moving vehicles, person - in effect, ordinary harmless weaponless people.

Ken Loach once again makes a social injustice movie, revealing the underside of current events thats not spoken in the news. The dark side of life, the injustice, the underdog being had.

Quick paced, good dialogue w lots of swearing, both men and women.

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