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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Let the Bullets Fly (讓子彈飛)***, Je n'ai rien oublié **

Je n'ai rien oublié **
Depardieu and others
Drama and intrique in luxury setting

Beautiful scenario, beautiful house, gd looking actresses both white hair ones and young lady like ones, murder, almost murder, discovery of children switched at childhood stage, monologues, girl married into dark dirty moneyed family, slapping face, divorce, suicide... sumptuous gardens.

I have always liked to have a house like this, walls full of books from top to bottom, garden house, green grass, wood paneling, (no servants please) everything else yes, but who cleans such a huge ensemble of rooms, just one servant? Impossible. Huge houses need a lot of follow through work, and we see no untidiness... this is a post card movie with Depardieu doing most of the monologue work. Hes magnificent, he does his reminiscence speech about childhood. Great emotions, and the story is told quickly, more pretty pictures, clothing, funeral and a shot of the blue grey sky, like water, says Depardieu. And nice piano ending , credits.

Jewellery, clothing worn by matriarch all very well put together - its a designers visual movie of style; with Depardieu doing his emotional reminiscence talk. Winter garden house, large grass park across from one house to the other. A certain life style that makes the guest and hosts separate in a fine distance. Few people could live like that, and we ordinary movie goers could go have a peek.

Fine movie with details very nice.

Let the Bullets Fly (讓子彈飛)***
Historical satire comedy

Very swift sharp acting. All the actor and actresses are interesting. I just wished the camera linger a little longer on Carina Lau, she is very gd at playing sexy women; why waste the opportunity when you already got her? It is a funny movie, dialogues v witty. Chow Yun Fat is irritating, his facial expressions are the same all through. Of the three male lead, Ge You, the one who plays a tricky money grabbing mayor without a backbone is very subtle. Jiang Wen looks and feels like a nice straight man, a hero waiting to accomplish all these feats.
The title has engendered an idiomatic use in everyday language. People use it as a "let a few rally go on first... let a few rounds go first..."

Very good, but the mix of English words in the dialogue just for fun is too easy and cheap, cheapens the movie unnecessarily.

Other than that, this movie is clearly in another league from ordinary comedy /warlord/ Western movies, inspite of the afore mentioned points.

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