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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Props, Objects and Clutter as Story Telling device

anti pirate RFID credit card holder

lavender shoot from a DIY can. (One shoot is visible for now, out of 9 grains)

Props, Objects, and Clutter as design

Often in movies - just like in real life, props help push story telling forward.
If you assemble enough props - it always suggests a story all by itself.

People often praise getting a "de-clutter" program for their house, why is this so necessary? Under what circumstances would "clutter" be destructive to a pleasant environment at home?

I think when all these objects you gather doesnt tell any story, when it only shows no pleasure hindrance to life. Time to remove those things you dont love and will never use. Especially things you dont love. Like 5 boxes of clothing that you bought but never even opened afterwards!

Some movies with clutter scenarios; "NoDame Cantabile 2" - the clutter setting is to show that NoDame is really a child at heart. Because children love to spread things all around. Toys, blankets, no order at all because their world is one of discovery.

Karl Lagerfelds apartment in this documentary is also interesting. He has zillions of iphones and many many bags, it feels lively.

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