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Saturday, 5 March 2011

La Permission de minuit ***

La Permission de minuit ***

Something strangely "real" in this movie. Many many details thats almost like a documentary, and all the scenario, sets very realistic - as if you were really in somebodies home. The Emmanuelle Devos character, a doctor is at once tough and soft and warm just right to the point. The Linden doctor character is very warm, his eyes plays the scenes. The young boy w the UV sensitive sickness, his first love etc all very natural and performed v well. Dialogue is succint, no standard formula speech.

I feel that I have shared in different peoples lives, the things that they take care of. For example, the doc tells his patient, you dont answer the phone when you are peeing! but its my mother... yeah, especially its your mother, they could hear you and its not nice; and wash your hands, not jsut he two fingers you used, but the whole hand... etc like a father talking to a son.

many subtle points, but , only 4 people in the cinema.

such a film gets made is evidence that people do care about cinema here in France.
I like it v much, the music is also fine. Retro.

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