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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Angele et Tony ***

Angele et Tony ***

A very fine film on a love story Northern coast of fishing port village in France. The film is shot w little dialogue, v minimum of narration.

The film opens with an unlikely pair, gd looking tough gal - she has problem w spelling therefore not intellectual type - meets Tony through small ad. We think these two dont go together - hes maybe too old, fat, and shes young and gd looking, energetic, uninhibited in sex. She traded sex for an action figure toy - a toy for her son. Later we find out that she had been in prison, maybe for killing her ex-husband. Tony for some reason is reticent about her, he helps her, but keeps a distance. When he finds out that she had been in prison and maybe cannot keep custody of her son, he brings her to a bridal shop for a dress. Now, that is love, isnt it? Coming to resolve major problems when needed?

We dont know exactly whats eating Tony, it might have to do with guilt with his fathers death at sea? He seemed to know where to look for the body... but we dont know if he actually killed his own father too? But we could understand why he would understand Angele's problem.

The movie slowly develops to a point that Tony's mom is being friendly to Angele, and they are off to church. Everybody came to the Mairie, a small group of friends. Thats nice isnt it?

Then Angeles son asked Tony if it hurts when crabs pinch you? Tony brings the bride and kid to the seaside to check it out.

Angele looks sweeter, more relaxed and prettier, she has become totally another person.

And the magic; Angele looks good with Tony, they look like a plausible couple in the end.

Through 90mn, we see a transformation of the relationship of two people. Very subtly with little words.

We also see the everyday local life of ordinary French seaside fishing folks.

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