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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Les yeux de sa mère **half, Rango**half

Les yeux de sa mère **half
Psychological drama with mother/child relationships, open/hidden homosexuality, adoptive parent/child, career/motherhood issues

The film plot is quite complicated involving a triple generation following lines of mother abandonning child psychology play. Plot: a journalist was hired to write some dirt digging sensational novel on a famous tv anchor woman and her famous ballet star daughter, as the journalist wormed his way to become assistant to the tv anchor woman, and boyfriend of the dancer slowly he becomes ambivalent and feels like a traitor to these nice trusting women. The dancer wrote a letter to an abandonned son - she had him when she was 16 - but the son refused to see her. So the journalist travels to the seaside vacationing hotel to check out the situation. The son, is an amateur boxer and waiter at the hotel, he fancies the journalist. The journalist is ambivalent, maybe he is also a man of similar inclinations but this seems to take second place to the betrayal problem that he is feeling towards the mother and daughter, and now to the son.
Plot is very complicated. The sets and scenarios are not very convincing. The dancer is very good, professional. She is not an actrice playing a dancer, but a real dancer its nice to see precise moves. Overall speaking, its too complicated, but we feel that the writer has urgent message to tell us viewers. As is, it maybe a ball of knots that requires a little bit more chewing than necessary. However, it is a movie with content maybe its not very smooth or convincing, but we feel the author/screen writers especially - as i think all the actors were very good - is trying to work too much into the film. The sentiments shown does not move us. The actrice playing the adoptive mother and father are very good. She has the right type of warmth and he has the right type of healthy fatherly chummy guy thing with him. Very charming couple. Catherine Deneuve is just herself. We dont understand why the dancer is by herself? She is good looking and sensitive, and her aunt, the Spanish lady is very good. Tiny facial expressions very effective to show concern and warmth, generosity, well brought up finesse, and patience. Everything anybody would like in a mother. She was the one who knew about the dancers life, not the absent busy professional mom. (Why did the writer have so much tattoo on his body? Was he in prison? Or are these stylised signs for certain "tribal appartenance" only some people - movie goers in the know - would recognise?

The writer has quite a few cats to whip. A memorable movie.

Rango **half
Western gunfight comedy in high quality CG animation

Fast paced, story line exaggerated jokes in the stereotype Western flicks, monsters, visually slick, good music. We dont need to see it a second time.

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