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Monday, 7 March 2011

Largo Winch 2**, Sans identité**half

A director friend once told me, she gets all these films and to find out whether it would "work" in the market, she gives them to her secretary to view. If she likes it then it might be marketable. She never gives these films to "film critic/reviewers" to give feedback. She wanted only the ordinary persons feedback.

So here I am I go see two general public film - are they actually entertaining? Wby are they made if not for entertainment?

I also think, what is the life of a movie actor/actress? All this time spent to rehearse, make connections, and dinner, etc etc. For the time they have left over, do they actually get any time to think for themselves? Each profession has its own perks and hardship. Acting is an exciting profession, but aside from talent and luck, money, it is a demanding type of work.

Largo Winch 2 **,

Movie made from a comic book - complicated plot, Birmanie as background, exotic drug lord type of setting, wild jungle lots of jeeps and shooting and under the table money, wet thin cotton shirt jump in pool scenes, cute baby, handsome rich idealistic idol yg guy, evil father old chap whos gone crazy, intrique, finally, everything is fine again. Sharon stone appears in every scene w a different sexy vamp outfit, spike heels shoes, and bad acting. She seems to play a kind of strange sex pin up person, v funny posture and not attractive. Cool like, but not so cool; the Largo character is handsome, the indigene gal v pretty, but very stereo typical - as most comic books are. But here, v boring movie. Sky diving fight is interesting but not believable unlike the James Bond sky diving fight which takes your breath away. This one, we think, a lot of slow down dragged out frames to make all this in the sky movements possible, in fact, its probably a huge fan blowing and people pretend to be sky diving? Comic effect.

Sans identité**half

Thriller, tight paced, and as the movie goes along, we realise more and more details - which makes the film less "smart plot", because the story teller was with holding information right from the beginning, you could never figure this one out! But it keeps our attention until both guy and gal get their new Canadian passport (why should it be Canadian? Why didnt they make it American? Very strange message hidden here!)

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