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Friday, 12 June 2009

Narratives, people, action

What makes a successful SIM?
When the people in the SIM share a narrative - that they can construct and build together, thats when its exciting - you want to see what happens next? (with you in it; otherwise, it would be more like making of a movie)

And what happens when you get a successful SIM?
Are you going to continue - immersion and more immersion, and what about real life?
(do you ever get out of the movie? or the theatrical workshops?)

Virtual Worlds are like a passage to real life - otherwise, how does that perpetual immobile parking of the self impact on the real life body?
Wont you get sick from sitting all day infront of the computer? :)
Is it possible to do exercise just by thinking of doing exercise?

How do the massage tables work in sl, and how much does it work?


sl rl is there anything you want that you cant get in rl but could test modelling in sl?

A qin playing place

Another quiet place for qin music, the HuaHui Mobile Music house. We are making it right now, want to contribute some aluminum skin ? Details

Anything you really want and cant get in rl and you could talk outloud about?

I presented sl to a friend, a high ranking prof. He said, what is this? What can you do with this? I dont need this.
I asked, is there anything you want that you cant do in rl, maybe you could test it out in sl?
He said, I have everything. I dont need anything.
I said, there are things that you might like, but you cant say it, and there are things that you can say out loud. Are there anything at all that you would like that you could also say outloud that you cant do in rl? Maybe we could try to see if it could be possible in sl?
He thought about this for a while.
He just couldnt get used to these rough little animation figures... what is this all about?

I know what I want.
I want to write stories, draw pictures, create and live a narrative without all the problems of material real life (that is in some way possible if you stayed entirely in sl - but who wants to give up rl to do that? ), build house, create a pleasant environement, and listen to all kinds of music. Good food, good drinks too of course. Then people say, what about the "cookie"? Yes, of course the cookie too. Without the cookie, life becomes slowly meaningless. But if you only had the cookie, you would soon get tired of it.

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